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Found A Meet

I found a meet I plan on attending for my first ever. It is the APF Southeast Challenge in Vidor, TX. Any other Texans on this board gonna be there? Well hell anyone else for that matter? It’s in August. Even though I would like to get in one sooner, my schedule just won’t allow it.

Good luck bro. I have read your numbers and age off a different thread. What are you squat/pulling mid 600’s at 18? You will kick some ass. I will be lifting in the APF Jacksonville open on April 2nd. My back has been giving me a lot of grief lately, but fuck it I am gonna lift anyway.

Yea right now I’m closing on 700 in the squat. I’m going for it on my third attempt. Deadlift, I have been pulling 575 consistantly, and pulled 675 off pins 5 inches off the floor. I am working on getting more explosive off the floor that is the only thing holding me back on my deads. I’m also trying to figure my shirt out. It originally took me 500 to touch, but now it doesn’t take that much. Thing is I can’t lock out 500, not yet anyways. I really want to go for 1800 total, but I have been extremely sick and am losing weight and some strength as we speak which sucks. You are in the APF Jacksonville Meet. Is it Jacksonville, Texas or Florida or where?

Them are some great numbers and I wish you the best of luck. the meet on the 2nd is in Jacksonville, Fl.

thanks you too

Wow 1800 total at 18. What weight class you in?


I was thinking about training for a meet, (just to have a training goal, not really because I am all that into powerlifting), and I was wondering what would be considered resonable numbers for a 220 so that I wouldn’t get laughed out of the place.

Any help out there?