Found a Hill

Sorry if the pictures are kind of hard to tell anything from. The hill is about 70-100 yards long and is on a pretty steep incline. Can’t wait to start running it.


another view

another view

are those steps next to it as well?, you could do those too

What’s the orange fencing for?

Hey that looks familiar, is that a sledding hill around Norwood Park?

LOLZ @ sharing a hill.

On long drives between southern and northern California, it’s like a personal game for me now to find sprintable hills that are >45 degrees

@caveman 101 - yes, those are steps.

@samson141 - they did construction on the hill a couple of years ago and this is an old picture anyways.

@Kansky - I’m not sure where that is, but it’s off of LaGrange Rd. in Palos Park.