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Found a Great HRT Doctor


After a long battle I have found a fantastic HRT doctor in Las Vegas. I was having difficluty with getting a decent level of care from endocrinologists. Two hour waits for a 5 minute consultation, she opened at 8am my appt was for 8:30. 200 mg cypionate every 4 weeks, would not allow me to self inject. I was having problems with gyno so I asked for some arimidex and she said no I would just have to deal with the gyno.

I find a cosmetic surgeon, via google, who happens to have my files from my previous surgeon for gyno and to my delight he is also an Anti-aging doctor. I show up for my 2:30 appointment and believe it or not he is on time, no waiting!! FWIW his offices are very, very classy-hdtv's everywhere. I tell him what I am really doing, 100mg of cyp and some UG arimidex.

He examines me and states that I do not need surgery, just up the dosage of arimidex. He then gives me a protocol for dosing the a-dex. I make an appointment for a 3 week follow up as he wants to review the notes and labs from my endo. I go in yesterday and we go over things and chat a little bit about supplements and such.

I mention that I belong to T-Nation and he states that he reads the site as well and that TC is one very smart guy and they sell quality supplements. His favorite contributor is Poliquin but also really likes CT as well. He agrees that most doctors don't know jack about testosteroneThis guy is jacked up too, I swear his forearms are the size of my thighs.

Sorry for the long post but it is awesome to have a good doctor on your side.

Not sure if the mods will let his link go through but I'll try anyway.

Dr. Julio Garcia


I find it no coincidence that a great HRT guy is one who

  1. A works out himself
  2. Knows this site and is a fan
  3. Is a guy. Call me sexist, but I think your prolly going to get more cooperation from a a guy for HRT.


mind sharing the arimidex protocol?


On the day of the shot(Monday) 1mg arimidex

3 days later(Thursday) 0.5 mg arimidex


Good for you. I found a urologist who will give me gel, and thankfully, it seems to be all I need.

In your case, you really needed someone with their shit together. I would make sure he carefully documents all he does and why, in case you have to switch docs for some reason (move, etc). Good luck with your therapy.


Sorry, but that's a pretty terrible protocol. It makes it seem as if you can correlate the half-lives of testosterone (enanthate or cypionate) with arimidex, but that's far from true.

You should just take 0.5mg of arimidex or 1.25mg of letrozole every day, along with 20-40mg of nolva. If the letro/arimidex lowers your estrogen too much, halve the dose. That should get rid of your gyno fairly quickly. (Quickly, relatively speaking, means 1-3 months)


What are you basing your opinion on? I ran this protocol by Anthony Roberts and a few knowledgeable others and they seemed just fine with it. It is hard enough to find a doctor who will prescribe arimidex but to do letro and nolva good luck. Remember this is a hormone replacement dosage(100mg per week), enough to get me into the high normal range not a 2 gram a week bulking cycle. Using his dosages my gyno was dramatically reduced after 2 weeks.


Run what I suggested and see your gyno disappear. The half-life of arimidex isn't long enough to justify 2 a week dosing.