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Found a Cell Phone


So I was out at the bars in Iowa City the other night and I found a cellphone on a park bench. Because Im a bastard I took it and threw out the SIM card. Now that Im sober it clicked that I cant use the phone if its reported lost/stolen. but what i really want to do is unlock it and give it to a friend who is out of a phone. what should i do? for the record i am not some benevolent do-gooder. finders keepers, losers weepers. is there a way i can dupe at&t to giving me an unlock code or use the phone?


Yes, go to your nearest police station and explain your situation to the nice officer at the front desk. They help people like you all the time and will quickly get you taken care.

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And the first thing you do is blab about it on a public internet forum?

Now they know where you live, dude. Better run while you still can.


You're an asshole. I've found 3 or 4 cell phones in my life and I've always gone out of my way to return them. Have you ever lost your phone? It sucks.


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Last year I was given a membership for nothing by a guy that just started at my work, eleven months left on it, he never went. Good guy.

After finishing my first workout at the new gym I was walking out to my car I look down and find a blackberry, turned around and brought it to the front desk and turned it in, no hesitation.



When your booked into the county jail.....remember to press hard....5 copies


OP you are a dick.


What if the guy who lost the phone was a complete asshole who deserved it, and his buddy who is out of a phone did some good deeds, and this is the universe's way of paying him back.



OP - You're a douche.

I've found a few phones in bars and such and made a point to call the last number dialed so I could return it. People are always appreciative and it's a nice feeling to know you did the right thing.




Good point. Or maybe the OP did something good to deserve finding a phone.

Losing a phone sucks, but it's usually the original owner's fault for losing it.


what would you want someone to do if they found your cellphone?

or your car keys?

or your wallet?

or you gym membership card?

or your conscience?

what carrier's sim card was it? there is a chance they could still trace the phone by the
serial number inside the battery compartment or the ESN number assigned to the phone. At least try to make up for fu%!ing up someone else night.



For all you know, the person who lost it could really need that phone. I do a lot of volunteer work at schools and shelters, one guy who comes to the food line every saturday night came in sobbing because he lost his cheapo net10 phone that someone had given him. A local church bought him a 60 minutes card each month, which allowed him to text his son 5 times a day. It was the only way he could stay in touch with him, and he'd message him every morning to say hello, and every night to wish him pleasant dreams.

Just return the damn phone, and if you can't be bothered, at least take it to the police station and let them deal with it.


Lost my cell phone, along with my camera and wallet, this past saturday, nice lady picked it up and sent texts to people in my call log to help me get it back. This lady is one of my new heroes. If I ever run into somebody like the OP who brags about this I'm going to beat the living piss out of them. Tragically Illinois is too much of a commute for me. Hope the phone's owner is a hacker who shreds every piece of your life. Have a nice one!


I love the sob stories.

Op you shouldve tried to get in touch with someone in the contacts list or better yet not have taken the phone in the first place. I don't think what you did is some mortal sin either. What's done is done. Put the phone to good use. Search the web, many websites have unlock codes, you usually need to pay a few bucks.


I would try to return the phone but I would totally look at any pictures stored on the phone first.

and the OP is a dick and not too bright to then post about a slimey thing he'd done and ask for assistance.

Makes me love karma though


lol at everyone. This is the real world after all, sell it on.


I would like to say, if you lose something you are the idiot for losing it. No someone should not steal it, but if they do, it wouldn't have happend in the first place if you never lost the item.

I've lost things before because I was careless. I'm not holding some vandetta against the person that found it.


cell phones are somewhat small. Could it have fallen out of a pocket? purse?
To make a blanket statement that "if you lose something you are the idiot for losing it"
is ridiculous.