Foul Mouthed Surgeon Blasts Fat Patient

Thoughts? My initial feeling was one of admiration for the surgeon. However, it’s not very “professional” and really turned off the fat patient.

I think the doctor was onto her game, tryin’ to take the easy way out. Called her ass out.

lol, I would like to be friends with this guy.

"He told her she was, “going on a f—ing diet” "

In the letter of complaint, the woman wrote: “[The doctor] said if I couldn’t handle the word diet then he challenged my motivation and stated that I would never survive surgery because I was still bullshitting myself and therefore my thinking was still f—ed”.

The doc shouldn’t have sworn though, I think there is no problem providing the blunt truth but I bet if he didn’t swear this wouldn’t be in the news.

Fuck gastric bypass! No one needs that shit!!!

Across all cultures there will always be people who will want to be coddled and take the bitch way out. It’s nice to see them get called out. Surgeon should have maintained better professionalism, though. Should have just warned her and if she failed to comply with the diet then he should have knocked her ass off the list.

Simple as that.

If she can’t diet now she will die after the gastric bypass surgery. The doctor is absolutely right, that woman is dead as soon as she gets the surgery.

I have personally known TWO fat bitches who died right after their surgery because they would NOT stop eating. They couldn’t diet before the surgery so why the hell did they think they’d be able to do it after the surgery?

These two women literally ate themselves to death. One of them was a coworker of my mom’s and I wasn’t there to see it so I don’t know specifics. The other one was my sister’s best friend’s mom. She went to a barbecue after having the surgery and “couldn’t help herself”. She died VERY badly and was in a great deal of pain.

That doctor was right. He shouldn’t have sworn but… goddamn! How else are you supposed to get through to some of these people?

Some of ya’ll can call that unprofessional. I call it a wake up call. Unfortunately, that Maori woman missed it, and she’s going to die because of it. That doctor was trying to get through to that woman, and he showed how passionate he is about helping her. She fucked him for it, so he kicked her off the list. Good for him.

I like the doctor, he straight up told the fat ass the truth and she didn’t like it. I also agree with marvelgirl, sometimes the best way to express what your saying is with what some call cuss words. I don’t consider them off limits.

The fat ass is part of what’s wrong with america as well. People like her need to be told the truth and very bluntly at that. So what if their feelings get hurt, get over it, it’s the truth.

For those who are overweight and/or obese and are actively pursuing bettering yourselves with no excuses unlike the woman described in the article then kudos to you and keep at it.