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Fotis' Training Log

Hi everyone . I got bored of writing down my training so I decided to start posting here
Age 18(19 in 8 days)
Bw 92-93kg currently cutting
Best lifts
bench 90x8
squat 140x4 beltless
deadz 190x1 beltless
ohp 60x4-8 I really cant remember
bb row 100x10 I think
I’m gonna run a short kind of peaking cycle for the next month up to 140 squat for reps and 80 incline bench then take a week of as I’m going back to my home town . Then I’ll start a long peaking cycle(george leeman style) with deads squat and either incline or flat being my main focus

incline 60x12
dips bw 2x6 +10 4x10
some tris and bis was in a hurry today
DAMN my gym’s incline it’s too f…n high gonna switch to dumbells