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Forza in Denver CO


Has anyone trained at Forza in Denver? I am graduating in two weeks and have been offered an interview to work under Steve Hess, former S&C Coach for the Denver Nuggets and current member of the Under Armour Performance Council and Combine 360. If you have any feedback on the gym, staff etc would be greatly appreciated.
Eric Bach


It's a few blocks from my work but I haven't been there. Place is probably hella expensive given its location, but I'm happy to try out the equipment for you if you want to get rid of guest passes.


I will keep that in mind if I get hired, someones got to use them and I only know 2 people in the city.


Very cool, I've heard of it.

I myself train at Armbrust. Denvers' great, you'll love it.


I checked out Armbrust today just looking at some other gyms, looks like a pretty sweet place as well, more hardcore?


I trained there before i moved last july. Excellent place. Definitely a lot of serious lifters (phil heath among many pro's, MMA guys, powerlifters, etc) and not expensive.


Yeah, Armbrust and Colorado Pro Gym are the more hard core/strongman oriented gyms in the area.