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Forums Won't Load

Howdy, T-Support! I recently updated Chrome, and now the forums site won’t fully load. I can open threads, but page futures such as liking and replying are blank. I reset my password and downloaded the forums app, but neither helped. The forums is the only website that isn’t loading properly on my phone. Any suggestions?

DId you clear your cache after the update?

@flappinit yep, then I logged out and back into my account - no changes. I noticed the T-Nation general site won’t fully load, either.

Sorry about the trouble. I don’t think there was any update or anything on the site itself in the last few days. But I saw you posted yesterday. Is this sorted out?

Thanks for getting back with me. The screen isn’t visually loading; the functions are all present, but invisible. When I tap on the correct part of the screen, it does what it’s supposed to. I’m thinking my dinosaur of a phone is too old to process the updates. At least it’s still working.

@Chris_Colucci i can’t quote anybody. Highlight the text, hit quote and nothing. I’ve tried over and over again, been happening for a few days now.