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Hello fellow T-men and T-women. I am a 19 year old college student, and I have been reading these forums for about 9 months, but I have never posted. I find all of the advice, insights, and witty comments helpful and refreshing. However I would like to add a couple of observations that I have made over these last few months. The first observation is that a lot of these posts, especially the off-topic posts, turn into grudge matches of an intellectual nature. It seems that people want to say the next witty thing or prove their point by acting high and mighty and pulling out some calculated insight. This harsh insight is followed by angry posts, and the forum post deteriorates in a battle of intellects, and the original question or comment is lost. Sometimes this occurrence is not a bad thing. However I think that the controversial issues can be discussed without people tearing each other’s throats out. Take Bionic’s post for example about wanting to know what people think are fun dates, coupled with her comment about wanting a date and being bored. Now for this post or any post there are two possible outcomes that can occur. 1.) you post a response 2.) you don’t post a response. It is simple as that. If you don’t like bionic, and could care less about what she has to say than don’t post. On the other hand if you are interested in what she is saying then post. I am not trying to come into this forum, or into this website, and tell you people how to be civilized. I mean I shouldn’t have to. For anyone who responds with you don’t know the history of the forum, I would say that I have read almost every post, and response since last spring. So please, I am not asking for much people, and I am not defending bionic or anyone else. I am just trying to highlight the fact that forums are meant to be a place where people can post, read, learn, and not deal with childish nonsense, and incessant harassment. If you don’t like what someone is doing, ignore it. T-mag forums won’t change, and I will not stop reading them. Your friend, and fellow t-man, Slider-X

slider, who made you the arbiter of proper forum decorum?

Kinda like real life huh? While I see your point, I like this forum just the way I like real life interactions between people; with all there silly faults and shortcomings.

Of course we’re all competitive and critical; we’re loaded with T! It’s surprising it hasn’t degenerated into challenges for duels!

Amen Slider, you have more insight at 19 than all those who will flame you because the truth hurts.

Welcome to the real world. All forums are like that. Actually, the T-mag forum has less nonsense and much more helpful info and intelligent users compared to other boards. And let’s face it, sometimes people need their asses flamed. See “I’m 15 so which steroids do I need to get hyoooge?”

Amen, brother, amen. Its funny how trvial little posts can turn into full-fledged grudge matches. And I disagree with the notion that this type of behaviour is like “the real world”. In the real world, people don’t come back day after day to attack the opinions that others may have regarding Playboy or being needy. In the real world, people don’t have a screen name to hide behind when they call strangers gay, or ignorant fucks.

I agree with some of what you say but you are making it too simple. When some posts a q about rehabing a injury to one of their shoulders for ex. and someone tells them to do bench dips for their tris(or to EVER do bench dips for any reason) I think someone should post and tell the guy giving the advice that he is an idiot. I do think that if someone just thinks a q is dumb or that someone can not spell or uses poor grammer or etc. they should not bother responding. How many times have we all seen the, “you are taking up space on the forum with this dumb question” crap from idiots, or the even better, “I’m gonna tell everyone the rules of what I think is right, and I’m gonna knock any spelling error and ignore the question or response (my tek impersonation)”.