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Forums Down the Gutter?


Is it just me or have the forums been completly wreaked for the past few days.

I post things and they dont appear for a couple of hours then i go back read the thread an hor later and my post is gone again.

Ive been clicking on some threads and then get told they dont exist.

Also the T-Nation help section has now dissappeared on the forums, hence im posting this here.

Anyone else?




And the post cout will say one but than you click the thread and there 8 replys.

Maybe T-Nation people are too busy comeing up with more new cool stuff?


yup, totally screwy.

at the very bottom of the page is the tech forum link.


I haven't been able to see much of anything i have posted the last 3 days.


Be patient, folks.
I'm sure it's designed to confuse and confound the trolls and bb.com boys.



It's so effective, it's totally screwed with the regulars too.


I thought it was just me!


Errors everywhere and pages take days to load.




I can't post pics.


And I keep having to log in, anyone else?


all seems good hear at least from noon on today


All the same problems, but as of 8pm, been golden...

Knock wood. Thanks guys


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yup, the other day, I had to log in every second I go to a different page.... But I think everything is back to normal, except for the trolls...


Motherfuck that just took me forever to figure out what you were saying.


is's the economy


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I thought it was the steroids :stuck_out_tongue: