Forums are Hard to Find!

The main reason this site kept me engaged was back then each article had a livespill where your questions could be answered. This was scrapped and we had the forums. We still have the forums but for a new person they would be extremely hard to find.

Maybe im bitching, but one of the most valuable parts of this site seems to be pushed to the side. Just my 2cents

To be fair, for the last six years, you’ve made over 220 posts on the site, with roughly 215 of them in CT’s forum. And one of those five stragglers was complaining about the Livespill removal back in 2015. That’s totally fine, of course, but I really don’t get the impression that a lack of Livespill has affected the way you interact with the site.

I have no clue what you’re referring to. There have always been forums, then at one point the Livespill was added, then the Livespill was eventually removed.

Honest question: Which valuable part? A dedicated article discussion section? When we had it a separate Article Discussion forum, activity eventually tapered down, so it was removed. After that, we tried the Livespill which was fine, but became prone to tech issues and trolling. (My timeline might be off because it was eleventy hundred years ago.)

Last year we added comments directly under each article itself. Anyone is also free to start a thread here on the forum to discuss any article, but they almost never do.

I guess I’m not really clear on which forums you’re saying are hard to find.

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