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Hi, Just visiting here. Thought I might get some info. In reading the posts, I see there is an awful lot of yapping going on, not hardly relating to bodybuilding info. ? Excuse me for saying, Jason, but here we are in a format of intellect and conciousness. Through the web, we can communicate as equals apart from any prejudices. No one can say for sure if one is a male, female, black, white, Jew or Gentile. We can only assume that the person is as they depict themselves.

Anyway, my question had to do with a new herb I saw advertised as being a Testosterone supporter. Pinnacle offers MethoxyTest, with “Terribus Terrestris” in it. In trying to cross reference I have not been able to find any info on it, as I can Tribulis Terrestris, and others. Anyone ever hear of it, or know another product that has it in it?