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Chris Chardon thanks…yeah, thanks for the old fart comment…LOL. “Maalox rants”; Yeah, I like jousting with the knights. I usually let loose when I get someone bashing me or a fellow t-mag’r who is just wanting a simple answer and gets bombarded by the Kamikazes who feel their one/sided-ketogenic-one/set/to/failure-no/cardio-mega/steroid-honor is at stake. Problem is, most of the knights who want to joust with me, only have one arm, one leg and their dick and balls are so small, they can’t use it for a
counterbalance in the saddle. But its fun watching them try and defend their position with their pathetic quotes from their worn
copy of “Cat in the Hat”. If you’ve ever seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”; these guys are like the guy who thinks he is the tough knight; He gets his arm cut off, keeps fighting, gets his other arm cut off, starts kicking at his opponent…all the while the
opponent is telling him he can’t fight like that. The guy just keeps kicking at him anyway. He gets his leg cut off, now he’s hopping. He
won’t give up. He finally gets his last leg cut off and even then tells the guy to come back so he can bite him. Its the same with a lot of these guys. No weapons. No chance. No contest. Speaking of rants…I wrote an article (a rant) for T-Mag, its pretty funny. Hopefully it’ll get published.