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Hey everyone. In response to the original question, I have to say that I like Bodz - probably 'cause he’s an old fart, just like me! Nah, I learn the most from him (aside from the T-Mag staffers), and that’s my criterion. Plus, he’s pretty funny when he gets on a Maalox rant.

On a slightly different subject, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and give Jason Baran some support. I honestly don’t understand why he generates the amount of angst he does, but I have to say that his views make a lot more sense than some of his detractors’. To give just one example, back in the “penis” thread, Roman K. challenged him to back up his remarks with some facts, and Jason did so - quite quickly, I might add. What was Roman’s response? Name calling, without the slightest shred of logic, academic control or anything else. Sorry, but when that happens I know who’s won, regardless of how politically inconvenient the guy’s ideas might be. Personally, being a white, upper-middle class, hetero male, and having grown up in a “real” academic environment (i.e. one that actually entertains opposing viewpoints rather than simply shouting them down), I find the current crop of P.C. “thinkers” so odious, slanted, hypocritical and in love with the idea of their own victimization that I actually left the country. But that’s just me. Obviously, Jason likes to fight the tide rather than go with the flow, and I think that’s pretty cool. His only problem is that he gets worked up about opinions and views that have so little real substance they would probably be best left ignored. Oh, and he can be a little stuffy at times. Lighten up, man!