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Mark, that was a good one! Yeah, if Curious lets us hit his girl, then he is definitely the man! And if I only had my camera with me a week ago, I could have gotten a photo of me and the Nitro Girls. That would have gotten me top honors! hehehe.

Oh yeah, Whopper is another good poster. And don’t forget Bodz, Mark & Mark A, Mike A, Mike Mahler, and of course the T-mag crew. It’s always nice when TC graces us with his presence as well.

A Girl, yes, I know what you mean! Although, I don't let RantBrain get to me enough where I'm yelling at the computer screen. Usually, a few people make me laugh so hard that I can't contain myself and people around me wonder what the hell I'm laughing at.

And thanks for saying I’m one of your most liked on the forum. I enjoy contributing on here. I just don’t want anyone to get the impression that I know everything and that I’m some big, muscular dude that throws weights around with ease. That’s why I usually reinforce the fact that I’m 5’4", 150lbs. But don’t you worry, with all this combat conditioning and weight training, I should be making awesome gains. And I’ll be sure to get my photo posted so you can finally see good ol’ Nate Dogg. I’d post my web site, but I know we can’t do that. The “evil doers” of the world would probably hunt me down and kill me. :wink: