Well without a doubt the most liked people on the board are the t-mag staff who seem to take a lot of time answering questions. As far as people who seem popular, Nate Dogg has become somewhat of a guru of love and bodybuilding, despite the fact that he seems like an ultimate hardgainer. Also combat athlete, tapper, teddykgb, spencer, matt slaymaker, akcita, racer x, hyok, timbo, maclar and several others are the regulars that seem to get respect or at least attention.
Hated people: anyone who asks a question like;
“Help i do the 8 reps exercises also the curl will that make me big like dorian? Or should I take the JUICE?! what about paradeca? I took tribex but it made my kidneys hurt”
or people who try to resurrect the same old tired topics like favorite workout music.