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Forum Removing my Quotes from Other Members

Is my English that bad? Why are my post titles constantly being edited by the mods? What is wrong with quoting someone if you are speaking to them?

Your English is just fine. We’ve been editing thread titles for decades in an attempt to be informative, organized, and encourage discussion.

As for the automatic removal of quoted posts, we’ll have to dig into that.

Thank you Mod_Phoenix for your attention to this subject. I feel at home here and when you guys or the AI modifies my posts I worry that I am not contributing to our membership as you would like. This forum has helped me so much over the years. Now I just want to return the favor. No pressure just offer choices.

If you quote the entire post and your reply is directly after the post you are quoting then the quote is removed because the post is right there and it is easier for people scrolling through the thread to read if the quote isn’t there