Forum Posting: How, What, When, Where, and Why

The mechanics of posting in this forum should become pretty intuitive with a little practice.

To Begin a New Topic
Click “+New Topic” at the top right of the forum page. Enter a thread title with at least 15 characters (A ton of extra spaces won’t work as filler). This is not hard to do and just means you need to spend more than a millisecond thinking of a halfway decent title. If you knew how many threads titled “Question” or “Newb Needs Help” we’ve dealt with, you’d laugh, and then cry.

The topic text box has a 20-character minimum. Again, this is not hard to do. Any question that’s worth asking will/should be more than 20 characters. “How to lose fat now?” would hit the minimum, and that’s a ridiculous way to phrase a question.

Click “Create Topic” under the post and you’re good to go.

To Reply
Couple of options here. First, a general reply by clicking “Reply” at the very bottom of the page. This will bring up a basic message box where you can type a reply. Again, there’s a 20 character minimum, but any reply that’s worth sharing will be at least a few words. Not a big deal. “Yep”, “lol no”, or “You’re wrong” don’t exactly contribute to a quality conversation. Hit Reply and it’s up.

You can also reply to a person’s post by clicking the Reply button directly underneath that post, which will direct the reply to them. However, this isn’t the same as tagging them in your reply. You can type @ before their username (autofill suggestions will come up so don’t stress over spelling) which will send that person a message they’re being directly replied to.

Last, and probably least frequent, option is to Reply as a Linked Topic. This basically lets you create an entirely new topic that links back to the original topic in its first post. Useful for catching yourself before you hijack a thread. If a thread’s talking about how to determine openers for your first powerlifting meet, and you’re reading it but want to ask about deloading for your first meet, that’d be a good use of ‘Reply as a Linked Topic’.

To do this, hover to the right of a given post just next to the post date, then click “Reply as Linked Topic.” This will bring up a text screen similar to starting a new topic, with the default text "Continuing the discussion from [a hyperlink to the first thread]. Select the most appropriate new forum section (almost always the current forum you’re in), enter a thread title and your own text, and then “Create Topic.”

To Quote in a Reply
Replies, even direct replies, don’t automatically quote text. If you want to quote specific text from a previous post when typing a reply, highlight the text and click “quote reply”. The quoted text and username will be inserted into your reply.

You can also skip a half-step and just highlight/quote a section of text. Clicking “Quote Reply” will automatically open a new reply with that text. Very useful shortcut.

To Post Pics
To upload a pic or multiple pics into a reply, click the up arrow/stamp thing - You can either upload an image from your device or paste a link to an image-hosting website, and the image should be inserted into your reply. Jpg, Gif, and Png files all seem to be supported.

You can also embed Youtube videos just by pasting the Youtube URL.

Useful Text Stuff
We can italicize and bold, using the I and B at the top of the reply box. We can also insert text hyperlinks instead of just pasting URLs, using the chain-link-looking icon above the text box.

Other features like bullet points, line breaks, and block quotes, honestly, play around with on your own. They’re there and they can be useful I guess, but I don’t think they’ll be regular players in most replies.

And there are emojis. Clicking the smiley face above the text box should bring up a type of pop-up with every emoji to suit your needs. Winky face? It’s there. Angry face? It’s there. Oranges, camels, or facepalms? All there. :content:

Flags, Likes, and Bookmarks
The idea of Liking a post is simple. If it’s a high-quality post (helpful, exceptionally informative, hysterically funny, etc.), you can click Like right under the post.

This replaces the need to quote/reply just to say “x2” or “Ha, good one.” Again, those types of posts are too short and not very constructive, positive though they may be. You’re also able to view posts you like in the “Likes Given” section of your profile, to relive the display of posting excellence.

The Flag feature lets every member have a say in forum quality-control. You can click the Flag on a post to basically get it in front of a Mod/Admin for quick review. Don’t flag posts because you disagree with what the member is saying, even if it may be a “dumb question.”

If you click the Flag, a prompt will appear asking if the post is: A) Off-Topic/entirely unrelated to the current thread’s discussion; B) Seriously offensive, porn, or gore; or C) Simply spam advertising that slipped through onto the site.

Click the relevant reason, then click “Flag Post.” A Mod or Admin will review the post as soon as possible and determine what, if any, action to take. All Flags are seen only by the person sending the flag and the Mods/Admins. No need to worry about being labeled an e-snitch.

You can Bookmark posts to essentially save them in your profile. Maybe you received
some very awesome advice that you want to refer back to, or maybe there’s a thread you want to discuss at a later date. Save them by clicking the tab-looking icon at the bottom of that post and view them in the Bookmarks section of your profile.

You’re doing good work here, Chris. I hope you’re recognized for it.

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I can’t post a new topic. I try and click “+ new topic” but nothing happens

I’m the same mate must be a problem with ne Phone

How can we delete our old topics’s?

You should be able to edit them, but I believe threads older than 60 days can’t be deleted by members.

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I can’t seem to post a new topic either. Is it a problem with using phones? Or do you need a certain post count before you can start a topic?

Don’t know if I’m being stupid here but how do you post a picture from your mobile?

that upload symbol does not appear for me?


that symbol doesn’t appear in mobile view but if I switch to desktop view its there.
problem solved!

Yeah that’s there on my mobile view but it does absolutely nothing if I click it!

Haven’t heard of that problem before, so I just checked. Clicking ‘upload’ brings up this screen (on a Samsung):

Looks like it may be a problem with my phone then, it’s not the latest phone so maybe that’s the issue

when I click that button it flashes blue but then nothing else. I can switch to desktop view easy enough when I want to upload a pic so it’s an easy work around