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Forum News!

Big changes coming Monday!

If everything goes according to plan, the T-forum will go through some major changes Monday morning. After a short down time, the entire forum application will evolve.

The new T-forum will take a little time to get used to, but we think everyone will like the new features and versatility. There will be a Tech Support category in the new forum if you need some help.

The first thing you’ll do is register and set up your profile. (T-Nation members will be registered automatically, but will still want to customize their features and options.) Part of this process involves choosing what features you want to use and how you want the forum to look. You can go back and change your profile whenever you want.

Also, please read the new forum FAQ. Monday is dress-like-your-favorite-Klingon day for the computer department so you don’t want to annoy Tech Support too much.

Thanks to all the beta-testers who helped modify and test out the new T-forum!

About time! This whole “just type in your name each time” thing is pretty ridiculous, n/o.

Will all the posts be retained?

Yes. All current forum threads will be transfered to the new format.