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Hi guys,

I'm 28 years old, 6ft tall, 185lbs, around 10% bodyfat, and have been training for about 10 years.

I've just finished my first cycle, which I completely messed up on the PCT. My supplier (some guy from Facebook) decided to not send a bunch of my order and then he disappeared, so my cycle was -

50mg dianabol and 50mg anadrol per day for 4 weeks
then JUST nolva (bad I know) 20mg per day for 4 weeks.

By the end of the dianabol and anadrol weeks I'd put on about 13lbs (going from 180lbs to 193lbs) and I'm now down to 185lbs.

I now know you should never start a cycle until you have everything you need!

I'm keen to try a new cycle asap. I had no real sides on the previous cycle other than reduced sex drive and a few back/ shoulder spots.

What would you guys recommend (baring in mind that I want to stick to orals again) for the second cycle (including PCT). Price isn't so much of an issue... but I've been looking at anabol / M1T / Turinabol.... also for PCT aromasin / letro / clomid / HCGenerate ES (although I can't find anyone who has HCGenerate ES in stock).

Any feedback / advise is much appreciated!


A) Wait... you took anadrol and dbol together...??? And only these two compounds... AT THE SAME TIME? Holy shit, have you gotten blood work for your liver? Do you know how toxic these two compounds are?

B) You need a test base, you will need to inject. If you can't get past injecting yourself or getting injected then you're just a pussy and don't need AAS.

C) Aromasin/Letro are AIs and not for PCT. HCGenerate is shit. Clomid is fine for PCT but it makes guys moody so lots run just nolva. There's nothing wrong with running nolva only for PCT... no idea why you say it's bad.

D) Actually you're so misinformed that I have no idea how you haven't hurt yourself yet. Seriously read the stickies on this board and stop being such a pussy and wanting "oral" only cycles.


your PCT didn't suck, your cycle did.


a) I took dianadrol... each tab is 25mg anadrol 25mg dianabol and I took 2 pills a day

b) plenty of people don't inject and still get great results

c) this is completely the opposite advise from what I've seen on other forums?!


Do whatever you want then. There's a reason so many people have read this and no one has answered.... You clearly have -NO- idea what you are doing and should stay away from AAS altogether.


Oh yeah I love oral too.