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Forum Name Change


Looks like "Building a Better Body" is now called "Bodybuilding." It's about time people stopped running scared from the b-word.


Something happened to the new "figure" one too?


Unless my eyes deceive me, it seems that the sorority is gone.


NOW were am i guna ask how to gett mad cutz?


You can find the Figure Competitor section, along with the Muscle Sorority at the link below. (Or you can just click on the Muscle With Attitude banner on T-Nation's home page)



I remember TC saying he's splitting it off this site.



Yes. One of many changes coming soon.

All good stuff, I promise!


Yes, MWA is its own site now.


That is a shame, I liked checking out the sections and I know I will forget to now, I understand the reasoning behind it though.

Will the articles writen for MWA still appear in the most recent articles section over here?


Is it my imagination or did the Beginners section get thrown into the Bodybuilding forum? I thought it was a good idea for them to have a place to ask questions without fear of ridicule.






Cool. I'll try to do my part too; I have re-read a bunch of my own posts and caught myself trolling a bit too much, and not talking about training nearly enough (although my thread about the Unemployed Skeletor really deserved more responses). :wink:


No, the new MWA articles will only appear on the MWA site.

There were all kinds of considerations that went into this decision. However, all those articles are just a click away.


Hold on, wait a minute - THE WOMEN HAVE DESERTED US!

TC, what have you done? :slight_smile:


Yea, I know! I have a feeling they'll be a little happier with less of "us" over there though.

The guys who care enough to go over there will continue to give good advice, and I think the majority of the trolls here won't take the extra effort to go over there.




I for one don't mind. Every time I wandered into the Figure Competitor forum and my girlfriend noticed me looking, she'd say something snarky. That's the last thing I need more fucking aggravation.


I wasn't actually serious. Besides, more testosterone to go around, it's a win-win.