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Forum Name Change: Bro Politics


Attention PWI fans, the name of the forum is being changed:

This is now the BRO POLITICS forum.

This will better reflect the content of the majority of the threads here:

  • Obama is a Muslim/Socialist/Communist/Nazi, he's Jimmy Carter/Stalin/Hitler/Mao, hates America and loves the terrorists
  • Obama wasn't born in America, he's a Muslim who went to a racist Christian church for 20 years
  • the President is a racist who hates white people, but I'm not a racist for calling him a racist, or making everything about race
  • When will President Obama totally destroy America as we know it... right away, or will it be more of a gradual thing?
  • George Soros/the Liberal Media/Jews/ACORN/Bilderburgs/activist (Liberal) judges control everything
  • Nine Eleven/the Oil Spill/Obama's Birth Certificate are all inside jobs
  • Do Liberals really hate America, or are they just totally crazy?
  • The Free Market is the bestest and wisest thing ever. Society can only fail the Free Market, never the other way around
  • Libertarianism! It's totally cool! Government literally can't do anything right, and private enterprise can't do anything wrong
  • There should be no taxes on anything, because I'm patriotic and I care deeply about America
  • Go Jesus! How much of the bible should you take literally... some of it, or all of it?
  • I believe in the sacredness of the Constitution!!! (except for the parts that don't help support my partisan ideology)
  • I'm being totally persecuted and oppressed, simply for being white, male and middle class!!!
  • There is only one solitary worthwhile political figure on the entire American scene, and his name is RON PAUL

and my personal favorite topic:
- I'm a teenage expert on Ayn Rand!

So get ready for the name change bros - it's going to be BRO-TASTIC!!!


Who are you again?


Calling all BROS, check in here.


I'm somebody who buys Biotest products, but hasn't posted 3000 posts yet, unlike you.


I seem to have a little 1 by my name saying that I bought stuff.

Wait, I remember you now you posted like 6 months ago everyone ignored you and you went away. Good day to you sir.


Way to chime in, bro!

Okay, I sent a Private Message to TC, to have him make it official. I haven't heard back yet though.

I think he might go for it! Call it a crazy hunch!


Hey I am with you Bro:)


Right on Pittbull! Let me know if you have any good topic ideas, bro! How about this:

  • 2nd Amendment: Should White people carry guns all the time, or only in public???? How many Lieberals would YOU shoot in self defense?


This Bro seems to be questioning my BRO-HOOD. This awesome pic should convince him!


Broseidon, lord of the brocean.



How about this for a thread topic:

  • President Reagan: was he the REAL "Father of Our Country"?


I prefer this pic.




I think he was the first Mother Fucker of this country :slight_smile:


Brobi Won Kinobi Reporting for dooty.

Hehehe I said Dooty.



Bro J Simpson should be here soon. (pushy)





Broku Even LOL



Bronnie Broleman