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Forum Math!!! ;)


Newbie + retarded post = flames from the fires of hell

Fuck + retard = fucktard

(Squat rack + guy doing curls inside) x Number of people waiting to squat = war on the forum

USGG + (black & white view of reality) x Myopia = Bullshit!!!


Idiots + irondoc = funny forum posts

Karma + Pat = a pussy fight!!! Urhhhhhh uh I mean a catfight!!! Same thing right? :wink:

Karma + above equation = snappy comeback

Pat + above equation = DEAD Arcane!!! :frowning:

Dead Arcane = Ko with laughter induced hernia?ha sucker!!! Take that!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Diesal + rageahol = angry posts

Stella + Stellar = StellarStella :wink:

Cup + Cake = Scary bald man with too many quotes and questionable sexual orientation?come on his name is cupcake dammit!!! :wink:

Me + My pink Jumpsuit = hot forum pic :wink:

Lumpy + Diesal + Kuri + Iscariot + Rumbach + USGG = Infinite posts on Iraq!

Infinite posts on Iraq! = head sized divot in my wall

Monsiour quebec = flames

Fitone = flames

Fitone + Monsiour quebec = hydrogen bomb!

Fitone x Monsiour quebec = the death of us all!!!

Char + Dawg = Charred Dog? Ewwwww!

Solo?s girl + camera = my favourite forum pic

Me + too much time = this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



This was fucking hilarious thanks. . .



Arcane+lonely Friday night= funny post

Seriously man, ya got some funny stuff on there.


  1. United States=Good Guys.
  2. USGG=Good Guy.
  3. arcanecocaine + using my = technique = flattery=good thing until I sawhis pic.
  4. iscariot + computer=evidence of disturbed thought processes.
  5. RedmanV, Diesel23, USGG, The Mage, Dan C, Jared,= Good Guys.
  6. Arms 19+ inches + squat rack=Curling without interruption.
  7. Heavy weights + no excuses= Bodybuilding growth.
  8. Spending too much time worrying about supplements + lackluster gym effort (or no effort)= small and weak/lumpy.
  9. Heavy steroid abuse + inferiority complex= that conan guy.
  10. france + any conflict=surrender.
  11. Tony Blair + conflict=courage and eloquence.
  12. new york + paper= trouble.
  13. democrats trying to argue with me in person + me=Me talking.
  14. hillary + clinton=PLEASE RUN AGAINST W!!!

  1. france + any conflict=surrender.
  2. Tony Blair + conflict=courage and eloquence.

So true...

Arcane what's a rageahol? I particularly was amused with my equations, but what the heck is a rageahol? Is it a poster? Is it as rage tendency? Just trying to clarify.


It's easy to see who hasn't been here very long by their choice of posters used to represent things on this board. Not that I blame you guys, as the older crowd is a whole lot more selective about what to post about generally.

Just an observation....


Disel: It was from a simpson episode where homer is going to rage-aholics anonymus and he says "but I can't live with out ragahol!!!" I thought it was funny. :wink:

US=GG: Glad you see you have a sense of humour. This was after all a joke. :wink:

DocT: I don't know what your getting at? By the way I have been on the forum for a long time. I used to post under nkeago. But didn't post for like a year before I recently signed on under the new forum. In this post I just used people who had been currently very active on the boards. And any other little thing that I thought was remotely funny. Even though some were just lame. It was a joke nothing more nothing less. Ciao. :wink:


ArcaneCocaine + doning this post on a friday night = LOSER or someone that has no life :wink:

DocT on my side? Am I reading this correctly? Okay flame away AC.

In Health,

Silas C.


Arcane, I know who you are, and I remember you from before. It wasn't a swipe or anything remotely malicious, and I understand why the examples were given as they were.

Like I said before, just an observation...


sorry doing instead of doning fitone + no(not)proofreading = flames :wink:


ArcaneCocaine + cocaine = Funny post. Just KIDDING, Dawg on the Porch - surge = idiot who doesn't know how to train or eat! (apparently)...I just couldn't help myself


fitone+dictionary= a good idea!


DocT: Fair enough. I'm still not 100% I understand your first post. You remember me from before? Cool. I can't say I remember you...vaguely I guess. Doh! Sorry. Anyways you seem nice enough. :wink:

Fitone: I wasn't even really attacking you. I was more commenting on how you always get flamed! monsiuerquebec as well. Friends? :wink:

Dawg: You saying I need extra cocaine? :stuck_out_tongue:

Loop: Hahahah. :wink:


AC No problem I knew you weren't attacking me just like I wasn't attacking you. Were all friends on this site even we disagree or flame each other its part of a forum and the reason why we all on this forum is that we all have a common purpose on here which is to learn more about fitness.

Thats we all get along. Athough it might not see like we get along. We all do. And were all friends. At least thats the way I see it.

In Health,

Silas C.


Don't remember me?????

Geez, I've been here since the beginning. I see I've made quite the impression.

You should at least have some bad memories of me or something. :wink:


me + your mom = you! j/k couldn't resist....


Hey..I remember you DocT!
Welcome back from the big island!



Sorry Doc...I'll try and pay more attention to your posts. I said vaguely. Doh. :wink:

RS: DAD!!! Been looking for you my whole life!!! You know how much child support you owe you muther fucker...hey you are a motherfucker. Woooohoooooo!!! :wink:

Fitone: :wink:


ArcaneCocaine = AC
Eric Cressey = EC

AC + EC = cool conversation

EC: Hey AC!!!

AC: EC!!! :slight_smile:

EC: Easy...AC.

AC: EC my AC joint is not too shabby.

EC: Go easy on your AC, eh...AC.

AC: How's your AC doing EC?

EC: A okay AC. :wink:

AC: Eh oh eh EC!!! DAWG!!!

TC: Will you two shut the fuck up!!!

AC: TC mad and EC and AC.

AC&EC: Awwwwwwwwww TC!

BOOM!!! :wink:


DocT, I "know" you; you are a "veteran". I, on the "other" hand, arrived here much more "recently".