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Forum "Like" Function Oddity

When I try to “like” a post, 95% of the time the “like” goes to the post above it. Same thing happens when I try to see who all has liked a post. Minor inconvenience at worst, just wanted to let the admins know it’s happening and see if anyone else has the same problem. It only happens on the desktop version of the site, the mobile is totally fine.

Have you tried a different browser?

I’ve also noticed that when I’m on my phone. Computer doesn’t seem to do it.

Was the site down briefly yesterday? Anyone else have issues accessing it?


I haven’t had issues with the like button I use safari on iPhone 8 and iPhone 11.

Haven’t tried a different browser, been using the latest Chrome version. I like Chrome, so I’d be willing to deal with the minor inconvenience rather than switch to a different browser. Pretty much just made this thread so Chris and company know it’s not behaving 100% right.

I think I’ve experienced the same thing on Firefox but, and please note I may be wrong, I think this forum runs on Discourse and isn’t developed by T-nation. They host it. So, I’d imagine any platform related bugs are hard for Chris and crew to fix.

I’ve seen this sporadically recently, yeah. Looking to see who liked a post, it appears above the post, but it’s still “credited” to the original post.

I’ll let them know to double-check for a cause.

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Not that I’m aware of.

Thanks for taking a look.

There was a good hour or so where the site was on “read only mode”. I assumed it was bc @Chris_Colucci was getting tired of all the politics :rofl:


Naw, it’s fine. I get through the day by reading PWI the same way I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher speak.


I have had that problem with the like function for maybe… 2 weeks now? Also posts are shown as if they were posted twice in a row and occasionally even the author is wrong (like I would post a reply to a topic and it shows that someone else is the author of my response).
At first I only noticed those bugs when accessing the site through my phone but now it also happens from my computer (both browsers are chrome).
Most things are fixed by refreshing the site but it has come to the point where I need to refresh the site before and after every action to read the content properly.

That is definitely an inconvenience.

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I’ve also seen the double posts