Forum grammer and technique??

Can someone explain/describe/help with how this forum works as far as skipping lines? bolding words? adding color to words? and such things? can anyone help with this? everytime I try and skip lines it never appears that way on the forum!!! It just appears as a paragraph!

I don’t know anything about programming, but apparently the forum recognizes HTML commands. The only one I know is for skipping a line: first you put <, then p, then > – but they’re all together with no spaces (if I did it correctly it would just cause a paragraph break in the middle of this post.

By the way, "grammer" is actually spelled grammar, FYI.

Got it “grammar” g-r-a-m-m-a-r. Im actually a lot smarter than what that last post implied.

Hope it works, and thanks for the help.

does anyone else know of any other ways to manipulate the format of a thread or post?

We would prefer you only add paragraph breaks. As you may have noticed, when people start messing around with bold and italics they forget to close their tags and it screws up the whole thread and becomes really annoying. Stick to breaks only please.

Undestandable request. No problem Chris!