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Forum for Neurotransmitters?

This forum is really helpful for TRT, however I’m beginning to think that hormones aren’t my problem. Does anyone know of a forum similar to this but for neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin?

There should be one.

Neurotransmitters are manipulated by hormones.

But arousal is greatly influenced by dopamine and serotonin.

I’ve been playing around with buspar and get a little libido boost ironically.

I’ve just read your post about it and realised I had already seen it. That’s interesting. I would like to be able to test neurotransmitters in the blood the same way we test hormones but I’ve read somewhere that you can do it and elsewhere that you can’t. That’s why I’m looking for a forum.

Ultimately I’m hoping to find a doctor who actually knows what he’s doing and specialises both endocrinology and neurology.

My understanding is neurotransmitter blood serum levels via blood tests are not very helpful and only brain biopsies would reveal a better picture, which aren’t done for apparent reasons. I agree with you that we like to simplify as humans too much. Looking at both hormones and neurotransmitters would provide a more comprehensive approach.

I’ve seen some things about measuring organic acids in urine to gain a better understanding, know anything about that?

@physioLojik, any tests worth doing?