The critics do have a good point in that there may be problems with this new forum. As a somewhat skeptical person, I have to agree that many of the possibilities presented by the skeptics could come true. Yes, the selection process may be somewhat flawed. Yes, it may become a good ol’ boy club. Yes, it could get boring real quick without “uniformed” people to ask questions.

Oh no! It may not be perfect! And quite truthfully, it won't be, but does that mean it shouldn't be tried? Of course not. There are some valid reasons for trying this. If it turns out that it sucks and turns off more people to this site that it brings in, then I am sure the T-mag staff will scrap it. They're taking a bit of a risk in trying this, but that's what you have to do to grow. I can't fault them for trying something new to advance what's going on here, and neither should others. This could very well turn out to be a wonderful idea.

Personally, I see the possible faults in what T-mag is trying to do, and since there is already enough interest, I am going to utilize my right not to apply at this time. But I will give it time, see how the new forums develop, and reevaluate my interest at a later time. (The fact that there is no way in hell I'd be accepted may also play into that decision, but that still doesn't reduce the efficacy of this plan.) I think others who are critical of these new forums might wish to take the same route.