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Wolf, have you ever heard of information sharing :wink:

If you get a community full of insightful individuals the quality of the discussions will be very high. Nobody knows everything, so when you get a lot of able peoples with different backgrounds together you can find ways to solve training problems that you might not have previously imagined!

You can also get info on new training methods. Let’s say that someone experiment with a new training technique and he finds it to be very effective, why not share it with his peers?

According to Dr. Ladislav Pataki the real secret of the easter block countries was the close cooperation between all coaches. Despite having lesser communication means they established a much better info sharing network and as a result found more effective technique and experimented with them on a wide scale.

Here in the west we have the opposite: because everybody is money driven we all actually fight each other, keep secrets from each others just to try to keep whatever edge we may believe we have.

Trust me, establishing a community with lots of knowledgeable peoples is a very very good idea!