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Point out to me exactly where it is that I state that Batcheldor or Poliquin still contributes to the magazine? I know that either have not directly contributed (at least under their name) an article to T-Mag for awhile now. However, I would still like to see the LIKES OF THEM brought back into the fold to answer questions. Poliquin is probably a foregone conclusion, but just take a look at one of the threads above this one that continues to hang around and guess who is being debated? Yep, Poliquin. Look, I am not elevating any of these guys to godlike status, but like them or hate them, the list that I referred to are some of the best around, and if such a site as T-Mag is to do something like a dogpound, it would, in my opinion, give the aforementioned much more credibility and legitimacy. I know that there is plenty to be learned from everyone and utilitarianism is good, but you have to admit that the information T-Mag readers have received from the likes of Batcheldor or King is invaluable. So, to conclude what I have been trying to convey, I simply think that the new idea for the forum will inspire elitism among the members, and those such as myself who are every bit as knowledgeable but do not post quite as often (for whatever reason…do not fill in the blank) will not have the prerogative to add or chime in, creating a quality rift between the exchange of information as compared to what T-Mag has now.