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Mufasa said: "Be careful in thinking that all your answers, and the only “valid” ones, will come from the “experts”. “Experts” have biases too…and quite frankly, may not have the all the experiences and answers that a “civilian” Forum poster many have."

Excellent point Mufasa. Many people often forget that these so called “experts” disagree in a lot of areas. Why you may ask? Well, I would assume it has to do with personal experience. So why can’t a long-time forum contributor who has a number of years of training experience, nutritional knowledge, and education as far as reading and possibly a degree be given the same respect? I’m sure a lot of the vets have plenty to offer and just because they aren’t paid to write articles doesn’t mean they should have less merit.

Achilles said: "I have been on this forum as long as any of you have, and read it most diligently."

If that’s the case, then how come you didn’t know that Brian Batcheldor doesn’t write for T-mag anymore? Huh? In fact, he hasn’t written an article since June of 2001 and had only 2 articles in that year. That’s like asking for a forum with Poliquin. Next time, be more up to date on who writes for the mag before saying you “read it diligently”.