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I cannot in all honesty say that I qualify for the Dog pound since I have been pretty much just a lurker since Dec 01 when I stumbled upon this site. But I did notice that some folks tend to help others that needed it while some others are just filled with self importance and a sense of know it all to be bothered, while still others tend to slam and disagree with point of views that do not match theirs.One of the things that I am cautious about is that some of us that are new to the iron game (I started in 99) will not be able to ask pertinent questions or get any available feedback from the same folks that have been helpful in the past.

Crawford maybe you need to re-read the criteria again and adjust it to basic terms of the dog pound being a forum to provide additional information.I never take anything personal unless it’s an actual hands on attack on my person or family. This is a great idea but like all great ideas you can’t please everybody and some will be left out but it will be unintentional i’m sure and again maybe not.I personally learned a lot from this site since last year from everybody that has posted and hope to learn more in the next year. Ray Dimon .(DimonsRtrump) Happy New Year all.