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This is another situation that will go under the heading “great in theory, but poor in practice”. It will inspire elitism, and the result will be that it will drastically benefit those who are members of the pound, but it will hinder the rest of the forum. I have seen it time and again, as I used to be a moderator for a Navy SEAL training forum on getfitnow.com. We tried this very same idea, and it eventually backfired because those that were in the “club” kept coming back, but those that were just coming to the site were, for the most part turned away.

Maybe this site can overcome those shortcomings that we were unable to, but it just seems to me that the amount of interaction that us non-club members will experience will inevitably cause us to just either read the forum or look elsewhere. Oh, and yes, Mufasa…I realize that this is a free country and coincidentally one that I have defended many times for you, my friend, and I know that I have the chance to not bother with this new forum, which I have decided that I will do. You see, I am part of an elite warrior breed called The Teams, but I got there by earning it just the same as everyone else, and not by just being popular or meeting some very subjective criteria.

Anyhow, I believe that this topic has already taken too much of my time, so I will give quarter and now yield to the inevitable criticism that will be thrown my way.