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VERY valid concern,and one that ultimately Chris and T.C. may have to answer…however…here is my take…

Keep in mind that there will be experts that will each have a separate Forum. By the names that Chris mentioned, all of these experts cover varying disciplines that cover most of the areas of Fitness, Strength and Nutrition. (I didn’t see J.B. as having one, but maybe with time).

I see little instance where there will be a question that will, or cannot, be covered over what will amount to close to 6 Forums! Even cheating girlfriends, Blow Jobs and Workout Music questions have a Forum!

Now…the “elitist” thing. I think that the Advanced Forum has as it’s primary goal to increase post quality, eliminate “anonymous” flamers and hacks and to assure a Forum of people serious and committed to the advancement of each members knowledge. You often question that type of comittment, Al, when someone says (and this has happened recently) that they don’t have TIME to read a FAQ or do searches…and everyone is really a jerk because they ask them to do so. I’m sure you would agree that knowledge that one gains by study and application is a LOT more meaningful than spoon feeding (…the proverbial "teaching a man to fish…)

So…it “may” appear “elitist” to someone who is a lazy hack…but for the committed searcher of greater knowledge, it SHOULD represent just another great source of learning among MANY that are, and will be, present on this site.

Again…GREAT question…valid concern…