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Some ‘interpretation’ of Chris’ post.

1) You must be a well-known vet of the T-mag forum, someone we recognize as a loyal T-mag reader and forum poster.
This means if you just hang out and read but rarely post or post all of the time under different names you don't meet the criteria. 'Recognition' is the key word here. If you post under many different names how does anyone - including the T-mag staff - have any idea who you are?

2) You must be intelligent, experienced and well read. No newbies. No one allowed on that hasn't been a T-mag reader for some time.
I would interpret a 'newbie' here as someone who has posted the following in the last year or so: "I was wondering someone can tell me the secret to getting HUGE." An experienced person who has joined the community in the past few months, posted very reguarly, and contributes helpful insightful comments is a vet. Even if you don't agree with what they have to say.

3) You must have a proven track record for being helpful, insightful and, for lack of a better term, "sane". To be blunt, no rude assholes, even if you are a veteran rude asshole.
Some of you seem to be taking yourselves out of the running on this criteria alone... on this very thread.
Just my 3.65 cents.