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You guys know what I hate more than just about anything or anyone in life?

Hypocrites…people who run around as the protectors of truth and right, veiled under a cloak of being NON-elitist…or compassionate…or reightous…or giving…or being non-judgmental (e.g…"I am not criticizing anyone nor am I slamming anyone…) after they have done just that…with the proverbial stick-up-their ass and nose in the air furthur than a Buckingham Palace Guard.

And let me give you a heads-up on one of the contributors that you guys mentioned wanting to hear more from. He STOPPED posting and bothering with the Forums NOT because of regular contributors like Patricia and ko, but because of know-it-all lurkers who wipe the slime away JUST long enough to come out of their pits to critisize others (like Patricia and ko), who have shared more valuble information AND more about their lives than many of these hacks combined…in essence he said “I’m outta’ here! If these guys know so much (and it was mostly people you hardly EVER see post…hint, hint…), then let them give THEIR insights!” And he left…he only contributes direct articles to the magazine now.

Hey…think the “Dog Pound”, that will have “regular folks” on it will diminish in it’s quality and it’s value? It’s America, baby…DON’T JOIN! (novel idea, huh?)

getbig.com” really needs more quality people like some of you guys…