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Ray said …You need to take a look at the criteria pal

So i need to take a look at the criteria? I was asking about the criteria in my first post if i remember correctly I wanted to know how certain criteria are defined. Also Pat and Ko were just being used as an example I did not want to make this personal but if we must continue to use them.

Ray says "1.Well known vet and recognized as loyal forum reader and poster."

well known yes... veteran- NO I would NOT consider either of them veteran by any stretch of the imagination. We obviously differ on this point. How veteran is defined was a question in my original post i think.

ray says...2. Intelligent, experienced and well read.We can safely assume that Patricia is an experienced BB not to mention a T-vixen (Apologies to KO)

Experienced YES Inteligent MAYBE well read NO (except for the fact that they do read t-mag), Once again we differ in opinion about what defines intelligent and what defines well read. Please refer to their comments on balance training and warmups and deadlifting. The rest of there info is just what they do at the gym, see achiles comments. So we also differ in opinion on what constitutes well read. So if you can clear that up for me i would be delighted.

ray says .....3.Both has a proven track record of being helpful, insightful especially in regards to nutrition, cooking, and training.

Maybe helpful to you. To me however Ko is helpful when it comes to cooking, Pat is helpful when it comes to movies and drawing pretty pictures, thats about it...

You on the other hand falls in the latter category of RUDE ASSHOLE.

Rude asshole hey? I must admit that i havent been the nicest in the last three posts. I apologise to Pat and Ko for singling them out. It was petty and mean of me, I should not have used them as examples I should have spoken in more general terms. Ray Sorry if I somehow offended you. I Didnt think that you would take it so personally. I am however a little conserned about this new forum and feel that people like avoids say demo and others acikita subhuman should be invited to join.

SO no you didnt clear up the pre-requisites for me at all, If you could please go over them again this time outlining what consitutes each in a more precise manner i would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance