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Let me add one more thing. We received over 100 “applications” to the Dog Pound in the last few hours. They’re pouring in! (As I typed this, ten more came in.) If you don’t get a password in the next few days to be a member, don’t fret, get mad, or feel rejected. All it means is that you haven’t posted enough for us to really get to know you.

The first members accepted are those that have been posting since the beginning and/or those we feel we know really well. If you don’t get in this round, you may the next. Just keep posting on the regular forum so your name will be familiar to us. After all, we don’t want to accidentally let a troll in that will screw up the whole un-moderated forum. So don’t take offense if you don’t make it in. You probably will sooner or later if you meet the criteria.

Of course, though the Pound will be un-moderated, we will have the ability to go in and ax someone if they sneak in and go nuts. Also, no e-mail exchange or steroid sources will be allowed, which is just common sense. I don’t see any of that being a problem though given the quality of people that will make up this forum.