It is this very same “elitist” attitude that turns many a successful endeavor into blah. Instead, this dogpound should involve some of the writers and contributors of T-Mag that have proven themselves over the YEARS, like Ian King, Ron Harris, Brian Batcheldor, Brock Strasser, more Bill Roberts, John Koenig, more Cy Willson, Miriam Power, and more John Berardi. If you could make this happen, or even get half of these guys/gals to contribute on a regular basis, myself and I am quite sure most other T-Nation guys and gals would become more educated, and could therefore in turn confidently pass that knowledge on. However, to simply put it in the hands of, as someone else has stated “the flavor of the month” just gives the forum less credibility.

It is great to get advice from someone who has competed in powerlifting contests, or has competed onstage, but the most any of them have to offer is their own personal experience. That is fine and dandy, but there is already a place for that in the webzine, isn’t there (Real muscle, real people…or something like that)? I would like to get feedback from someone like Batcheldor or King, who have dealt with countless numbers of top-notch athletes. Or John Berardi, who has done countless hours of research and application in relation to diet on his athletes. Not to take anything away from anyone, but just because a female (any female) is the only one of her sex to deadlift in her whole gym does not make her an authority on deadlifting, nor does it make any guy who is the only male in his gym to use chains while squatting an authority on compensatory acceleration. Again, I am not criticizing anyone nor am I slamming anyone. I am just simply saying that even the most popular posters on the forum do not necessarily belong on such a forum as is being proposed. They do best right where they belong, which is on the regular forums, sharing and exchanging ideas and advice. To do otherwise, in my opinion, is somewhat arrogant and haughty.