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Demo you were actually one of the people I was thinking of when I made my post. Infact I am qute a fan of yours. You ARE well read, but havent posted here in a while that I have noticed so you have no where near the following that some others have, yet obviously deserve to be there ahead of alot of people that might get preference. Nathan Say is another one. You both know your stuff, a lot people like Pat and Ko are flavor of the month and in my opinion yet can not offer nearly as much as people like you and Drax. Come to think of it has Avoids posted in a while? He is another one I would think should definetly be there.

As far as not being able to write well... I write these forum posts in very little time I dont spell or gramma check this is just how it comes straight out, I very rarely even look over what I have typed. I am quite busy. Probably a mistake I now but quite often I only have a couple of spare minutes at uni before a lecture etc. Now I can assure you that I am well read, well in terms of training, and physiology, anatomy pharmacodynamics/kinetics I am, as I am a med student and need to be. While I am not as good at english as the likes of you and lightnfluffy(i think that was his name), when I want to I can turn it on and write well. At school I always did very well in english. So neh :P