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Forum Etiquette - Please Participate in Threads You Start

With the influx of new blood into the forum recently, I’ve noticed a trend of people asking questions, getting good advice, but then not responding any further. This is fine with simple questions, but with some of the more complex situational questions, many of us are going to ask for more details before we write a dissertation on how to structure your workouts properly or how to deal with a squatting problem for example. Anyway, if you are going to ask a question, please do us all the courtesy of responding with a “Thanks” or with the pertinet info we are asking for.

"Stepping off my soap box now"

Good post Jason. I’m one of those guys who tends to forget to follow up on the posts I’ve started. It’s always good to have a reminder.

very good Jason, this will definately help out with the forum and also add more of an ethical approach to ending threads. What Jason just said is basically referred to as “manners” which in my thoughts, belongs in all places. Thank you Jason

Good post. Now where’s my thanks? j/k

Yep! Can’t count the number of times that advice has been provided and no acknowledgement has been forthcoming. Nice one, Jason.

Man you just addressed my pet peeve. I love it when people ask a question, then I respond and also add in “I would tell you this, but how many days a week do you train legs already?” and I’ll never get an answer. Quite frustrating. Good post.

It’s good to see that I’m not the only one that has noticed this problem. I’m somewhat hesitant nowdays about going into a thoroughly detailed answer on any question from a name I don’t recognize because I’m afraid of wasting my time. Anyay, I’m just bumping this back up to the top to make sure it gets a good look from folks.

See? Jason just participated in his own thread. He leads by example. What a guy.

Just wanted to say great post, Jason, I agree fully. Thank you for this, and all of your contributions to the forum; you are appreciated.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this before - many times before. And I appreciate you posting this, Jason. Thank you.

Good one Jason!

It’s a real bitch when you take half an hour of your time to answer someone’s question and got nothing in return…

Keep’em posting!

How about the people who post and then never check for the replies; I see this all the time from poster’s who I’ve never seen on this forum before…I’m betting that rather than soaking up the info and not responding, they just never check the thread that they started.