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Forum Dead Pool

 After seeing Backsliding Bob at this years Arnold Classic, I was doing some thinking about how messed up this guy really must be.  He has had something gone wrong with his synthol rear delts..maybe abcesses with scabs or something.  Synthol is really obvious in his right bicep too.  He is doing anything he can, to finish back in the top of the pack.  His gut is getting even bigger, his back sucks and he has synthol scabs on his shoulders.  He finished 10th!  He is doing only who knows what (except for juan in mexico at the little pharmacy on the corner of rio and blanco streets)...and keeps getting worse. Oh yeah,he is almost bald now too. Backsliding Bob gets my number one vote for the Forum Dead Pool.  Hey Bob, it may not be worth it anymore (to compete).
Who is everyones NUMBER ONE PICK for the Forum Dead Pool?
 Greg Kovacs.

Triple H (the wrestler.)

dave polumbo,possibly dennis james

Stewart Synthol

Triple P. Oops, I mean H

well, you’re obviously talking about Nasser. I’d add Orville Burke and Markus Ruhl to the list.

Damn!  I forgot about Dave Pulumbo.  I may have to bump Nasser to number two.  Don't forget about Paul Dillet either.

He “may” have used A-50 and Test in the past with A-dex and Lasix. After surgery Winny-V and Deca.

Chris Cormier…ecstasy and diuretics are not a good combination. Dave Palumbo looks hideous and Kovacs is already dead (but somehow still moving - creepy).