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Forum Changes

The new T-forum is finally up and running. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some technical difficulties for the last day or two. Everything should be worked out now and we think you’ll like the faster forum and the new “steroids and other drugs” area. Note that we probably lost some posts during the transition to the new board. Feel free to re-post those if that happened to you.

Thanks for the update, Chris! Nice to see the two separate areas. Now, can’t we just all get along!!!

Just a comment, I think I liked it better when the last post was first. Its slightly annoying to have to roll to the bottom of the really long threads, such as FFSG to read the latest post. On the other hand if you have never opened a thread, the current way makes more sense, so whatever, just a small whine…:slight_smile:

I must give the new forum 2 thumbs up!As a life-
time natural guy, I find it very convenient not to
have to sort thru all those topics about substances
that I will probably never use. (But I do check in
occasionally on the steriod board.)“A Girl” has some
nice points though.