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I noticed that often there is no category or thread to talk about exercises, techniques, routines etc just general advice and questions around these things, there’s been several times where I wanted to post some experience or ask a question but there just is no thread for this on its own, forum,bodybuilding has such a thread but I prefer this forum, I thought i’ll just suggest this here.

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Why is Bigger, Stronger, Leaner not a good fit?


Or bodybuilding, or powerlifting or conditioning?


I’m so confused. You wanted to ask a question, but there’s no thread for it because nobody’s asked it yet, so you didn’t ask the question.

But, yeah, like the guys are saying, general questions about exercises/training are exactly what Bigger, Stronger, Leaner is for. The other forums are more specific in their goals and content - Bodybuilding is physique competitions, Powerlifting is for the Big Three, Conditioning is bodyweight training/cardio/kettlebells, etc.

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