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Forty and hard to grow

Just checking out your website for the first time. I like it.Your mag sounds like it is up front and very informative. I will definitely pick one up. My question for you all is this: I have been working out for (for the first time in my life)for the last year. I lost forty pounds and stand at around 6ft,20pbf 200 pounds.I have achieved some good all around muscle definition, but I cant seem to get the aggressivness I need for intense lift sessions and muscle gains. I eat smart, supplement with protein powder and try to stay within 10 fat 30 carb 60 protein at every meal. I eat around 2500 cals a day. Please give some recommendations for upping “T” levels, and also any other suggestions concerning diet. I NEED SOME MASS BROTHER! Thanks, Allan

… 31 and still growing, Id start off with some more fat with Massive Eating Meal combos as your nuts need this to produce t. Decent vitamin and mineral sups may also help. Id also consider going to the doc, telling him you cant get it up, and getting yout t tested to determine if its actually t levels that are the problem. If you want to increase the chances of a low t reading and some assistance, train like a monster,drink and sleep very little for a few days before the test. Id wager that its more about energy levels and that you need alot more cals and maybe a workout stimulant.

To pump up your energy levels and levels of muscle you’ll probably need to change your diet. Your protein intake is 3 times higher then your carbohydrate intake and your calories are probably slightly below maintenance. Try eating equal amounts of protein and carbs for a while and you’ll probably find your energy levels will increase and you’ll gain mass easier…not to mention you’ll get a good pump when you train. You said you have 20 pf…does that mean 20 lbs of bodyfat or 20% bodyfat?

Not because of age, brother. I’m 45. Look under the search engine in the magazine section for “Massive Eating”. Sounds like you are still low calorie to me, but the calculations will tell you for sure. Also look in the FAQ section. You probably need to adjust your rep ranges for growth. Good luck - we need more men in their 40’s to be T-Men!

Most posts like this get the “you’ve got a lot of reading to do…” reaction. I’m gonna do the same. Read reader mail from this week and check out all the different training methods we T-Maggers have used.

Then read the Diet Manifesto by Chris Shugart. Issue 135. That will outline all the diets ever posted at T-mag. Then read all the articles. Also check out Massive Eating and Solving the Post Workout Puzzle (both have 2 parts). Everything can be found using the search engine on the home page.

One quick tip is that while your high protein intake is good, you may not be eating enough carbohydrate to fuel your workouts. Also, your dietary fat intake is very low. You may not be producing Testosterone to your body’s full ability due to the low intake. You need fat for hormone production.

Last, you’ve come a long way. This is the next level. We could all tell you what to do, but better you decide for yourself. Good Luck.

Allen, if you want more mass, up your calories to 3,200 a day, you forgot to consider the fact you are active, and 10% of the calories you eat are burned up fast. Protein should be around 300-350 grams a day, the best way to keep track of this is to keep a diary of what you eat, protein, carbs, calories, and don’t forget the best time to get most of your carbs for the day is after a workout with protein. As for t-levels, testosterone will drop 5% every year after 30 years old, so I would start taking tribulus at 1000mg a day, take 500mg before you workout and after your workout, and look into ZMA for bedtime, a natural booster for t-levels and will help you get a good night sleep, which is very important to grow.

to those that said up cals, he is still trying to loose wt. so he wants to be below maintenance levels. go to a 40%carbs,30%fat,and30%protien and you will see near instant increases in energy and probably test. peace