Fortitude Training

CT, loved your podcast you did recently. It was also interesting to learn about which coaches you really admire.

Dr Scott Stevenson was a new one for me, hearing how much you loved his book I had to buy a copy and give it a read…Fascinating book! His Fortitude training looks awesome, Seems to have every type of training that has worked for me. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think the volume level is alright for a natural trainee?

Yes, volume is perfect. I really like his methods. I train a bit differently but would have no problem doing it or recommending it.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Fortitude Training a close cousin to Titan Training? If so, really enjoyed that program when I ran it.

Yes, I did that program myself at least what, 14-15 years ago? Very effective program.

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Scott Stevenson is fantastic, love his stuff.

Hi could you pls link the podcast? Thanks

EDIT: found it

He’ll be presenting at the SWIS too

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I am looking forward to that as well! Heading to Toronto early so I can settle in before getting my mind blown by Dr. Stu McGill on thursday…and hoping I can get a decent workout in before SWIS kicks off. Currently sitting in Chicago O’hare on layover.

Are you a super VIP Aragorn?

Like you get to decide if you want to bench with Kaz, or pull Sumo with Chris Duffin?

Then have lunch with CT?

Digging up a week old thread…I’ve done titan training in the past, as I alluded to above, but, when I googled fortitude training, it piqued my interest so I went ahead and bought it. Interesting to read, for sure. Lots of options, as well. My question is regarding the diet recommendations. Although he doesn’t go into specific macros, the calorie recommendations are extremely high. For those that have done ft previously, did you follow these guidelines and, if so, how were your results in lean mass/fat mass.


Spill the beans. Did you learn anything?