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Fortitude Training Log


Decided to start a log to keep track of my workouts a little easier instead of writing them out. Always been more of a weigh lifter than a power lifter or bodybuilding. Never building as much strength or having the physique I probably should have.

Bench - 345
Squat - 375
Press - 185.

The press for some reason has just become very unnatural for me. Stopped doing so much overhead work and I have just not been able to find my rhythm on it now that I have picked it up again.

Picked fortitude training because I really like full body high frequency training but all that I have tried are way to high volume. Did the indigo training program a couple of times right before summer and they work excellent but I always got burnt out from it. CT said fortitude training had the perfect volume for high frequency so I bought the book and really liked it.

If someone has questions about the workout just let me know. Otherwise I will post a couple times a week my workouts


Day: Lower Load Upper Pump

Basic Tier 1

Squat - 225lbs 2x12
Knee Extension - 1x6-12 150lbs for 12
RDL - 1x6-12 225lbs for 12

Week 1 went light and will tell I see how hard I should push each set. Still have 3 more leg days this week and no cheating or breaks in reps so squatting was done continous

Chest/Back 1x15-25 50lbs

  1. Chest Mechanical Drop Set fly/neutral grip press/db bench
  2. Back Mechanical Drop Set 50lbs
    Shoulder/Abs 1x15-25
  3. Arnold Press 35lbs for 20
  4. Incline Crunch for 20
    Biceps/Triceps 1x15-25
  5. Hammer Curl (mixed tempos as I went
  6. Cable pushdown mixed tempos as i went


Week 1 Day 2 Tier 1

Upper Load Lower Pump

Upper Load
Pull Ups 2x6-12 15lbs added for 12, 6
Bench Press 1x6-12 255lbs for 9
Press 1x6-12 135lbs for 8

Reps performed continous no stopping to reset or rest while holding it.

Lower Load
Walking Lunge 25 Each Leg
Ham - Hamstring Curl - 20 Reps varied tempo and holds
Calf - Skipped

Had a moving job today, walking three flights of stairs all day so the lower tier really helped for me. I always stubbornly never adjust my volume even if I do have a heavy work day so the low volume of this tier really helped me out today.


Week 1 Day 3 Tier 1

Thigh 1xMR
Back Squat 185

Quad 1x15-25
Leg Extension

Ham 1x15-25
Leg Curl

Calf 1xMR
Smith Machine Calf Raise

Biceps 1x15-25
Barbell Curl 65lbs

Plate Pinch 2xFailure

Shouldn’t have used squats for muscle rounds. Too difficult to set up so quickly.


Week 1 Day 4 Tier 1

Upper Muscle Rounds

Back Thickness 1xMR
Bent Over Row 225lbs a little too heavy

Back Width 1xMR
Lat pulldown 210 too light

Chest 1xMR
Incline Press 50 with band for extra resistence

Shoulders 1xMR
Seated Shoulder Press 50

Triceps 1xMR
Tricep Pushdown


Week 2 Day 1 Tier 2

Lower Load Upper Pump
Thigh 2x6-12
Front Squat 185lbs 8/7 reps

Quad 1x6-12
Reverse Lunge 135 for 10 reps each leg

Ham 1x6-12
Leg Curl 12 each leg

Chest/Back 2x15-25
1A) Mechanical Drop Set Incline Fly/Incline Neutral Grip/Incline Press 35lbs
1B) Mechanical Drop Set Rear Delt Fly/Row Elbow Flared/Row Elbow In 25lbs
8 Reps on every exercise

Shoulder/Abs 2x15-25
Bradford Press 95lbs 24/20
Incline Crunch 15-15

Bi/Tri 1x15-25
Zottman/Hammer/Regular 8/8/8 at 20lbs
Tricep Pushdown 25 Reps


Week 2 Day 2 Tier 2

Upper Load Lower Pump
Back 3x6-12
Bent Over Row 155 3x12,11,9

Chest 2x6-12
Slight Incline Smith Machine 245lbs 2x9,8

Delts 2x6-12
Behind Neck Press 145lbs 2x7,6

Thigh 2x15-25
Wallking Lunge 25lbs 20 Reps each Leg

Quad 1x15-25
Leg Extension 21’s

Calf 1x15-25
Calf Raise Bodyweight mixed speeds and reps

Still playing around with the pump sets and intensity levels. In two weeks will probably start the turbo version and only do one intensity technique for a couple of weeks just so I can track progress better.