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Fortissimus 2009 Results


Here is the link with the results


The biggest surprise to me was Brian Shaw placing 3rd, I predict him doing well this year at worlds and him being a dominant force in the future. Travis Ortmayer has improved a lot as well I think he will get a podium spot at worlds this year personally. Zydrunas from what I have heard had worked a lot on improving his conditioning which I would credit towards his victory at Fortissimus. Derek Poundstone, well he will continue to improve and will be the future of strongman for the next few years he is I believe the next Mariusz.
Any thoughts?


I really thought poundstone had this given his wins already, arnold and mohegan. Savickas is a beast.

This guy has an ass ton of vids up if you haven't seen them yet:


Brian has been doing some crazy things lately. He is so young, once he actually fills out some more he could become dominant. He has nothing else to do but eat and train, plus he has virtually every implement you need.

Very happy to see big Z come back and win. That guy is just on another level of pure strength, nobody can touch him. #stone is also on a roll although I wonder how much longer he can stay healthy. He has had back problems before and I think it's only a matter of time before he craps out.

WSM this year should be amazing.


Funny story. I was heading to NJ for a photo shoot and Derek was on the same plane... a small regional jet... I've never seen a guy so desperate for room as he was. :slight_smile:


Derek's back was really hurting him after the contest, but he's feeling much better now. Thanks for your concern.


I'm sure everyone's back was hurting after that show. I know you train with him so no hard feelings man, just an observation. Hopefully I'm wrong, would love to see the guy keep going. Pretty sure he has made some public statements however that he felt like he only has a couple of "good" years in him though? Can't remember where I saw that.



Except maybe for the guy wedged into the seat between Derek and the window, maybe? :wink:


Savickas completely tore both of his patellar tendons a long time ago and was told he could never lift again. We see how that worked out. I think Poundstone will be around for awhile. These guys are no stranger to pain.


Maybe something like this? It has to suck to travel when you are that big. Hell, it sucks right now for me...

Dammit, can't get the picture to save. Check out the link...



That is an enormous human being.

It's good to see Big Z competing again. I know about his knee injury from a couple years ago but did he give a reason for not competing in the Arnold this year? I remember him being on the stage with Mark Henry and not looking too happy when everyone else was tearing up the Inch Dumbbell.


Big Z made the overhead press dumbbells look like bitch weight thanks for the vids AshyLarry


Said he'd been competing for 17 years and it was the first time he'd been able to take a break. didnt really say yes or no when asked if it was true he'd taken the whole year off to prepare for fortissimus

In that second picture (the one taken from the front) he DWARFS Tarmo Mitt - you have got to be one seriously big dude to do that