Fortify's Training Log

Sunday, 20 September 2009

I was 15, skinny, weak and a geek. I started judo and cross country, got fit, got strong, got a girlfriend and generally had the best years of my life. Now I’m 26, an architect, skinny, weak and a geek. Time to get fit, get strong, get a girlfriend.

Having visited the gyms in my local area, I was surprised to find a distinct lack of anything that resembled a barbell, let alone a squat rack. So my room now lays cluttered with 185kg of plates, a 7’ bar, Pullup / dip thing, and a linked squat stand with catchers. Not ideal, but a port of departure none the less.

You are my gym buddy:
Although quite an introverted individual, I cannot ignore the drawbacks of working out alone. Or more precisely, I know that associating with strong people will have a great effect on me. Hence this, my first internet forum endeavour. Any and all comments very welcome.

Falling down with a spot of rock climbing in-between.

Diet Plan:
Eat fat with extra fat and fat sauce with fat sprinkles. But seriously, I cook lots of one-pot mum’s recipes, and intend to bump up the calories as much as possible by milk / anything not nailed down. In time, I plan a bit of self nutrition education.

Learn to squat. And… wait, no, maybe let’s just keep this simple.

Workout Plan:
I’m a rank beginner. But this log has been a few week in construction. Those weeks have been spent reading books by Ross Enamait, Pavel Tsatsouline, Mark Rippetoe, Randall Strossen, Thomas Kurz, John Brookfield, Christopher Sommer, hell I even read some Matt Furey and that Bruce Lee book by John Little.

I’m running with Rippetoe. The following routine came from page 155 of Practical Programming, with the bench replaced by the dips “it is a good substitute for the bench press if it cannot be done for some reason” Starting Strength, Pg 259. Oh, and rightly or wrongly, the situp / Rollout / Curl tagged on.

A. Squat (3x5)
Dip (3xF)
Chin (3xF)
Situp (3xF)

B. Squat (3x5)
Press (3x5)
Deadlift (1x5)
Rollout (3xF)

C. Squat (3x5)
Dip (3xF)
Pullup (3xF)
Curl (3x5)

Body Stats:
Height: 1.78m / 5’10"
Weight: 65kg / 143lb

Measurements unflexed [flexed]:

Neck: 15"
Chest: 39"
Waist (navel): 31.5"
Hips (arse): 34"

Arms: 11" [13"]
Forearms: 10.5"
Wrist: 6.25"

Thighs: 19.5"
Calves: 13.5"
Ankle: 8"

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The day before tomorrow. Let’s find out for the first time ever, exactly what I manage to stuff down my skinny gullet.

Food log (kcals):

  • 2 bananas (210), Strawberries (50), 2 pints of milk (740), 1 scoop whey (95), tsp creatine
  • 6 Lancashire sausages (1,152), ½ can of baked beans (151), 1 slice of toast (88), 1 egg (78)
  • Plumb tomato and basil soup (264kcal), 2 x chocolate cookies (740)
  • Wheetos (113) and milk (200)

Total = 3,881

Monday, 21 September 2009

Day of actually doing something. Time to start this bumbling car crash of human ineptitude.

Workout Log:
45lb: 5-5
55lb: 5-5
66lb: 5
88lb: 5-5-5-5-10

BW: 10-6-5

BW: 7-4-3

BW: 15-8-8

Food Log (kcals):

  • ½ chocolate cookie (185), 1 apple (53), dry roasted peanuts (200), pint of orange juice (220)
  • Buckets of Spaghetti bolognaise w/ carrot, courgettes, peppers, cheese, sweet basil (1810)
  • Slice of home made apple pie (250), (hmmm I love my flat mate!), pint of orange juice (220)
  • 1 banana (105), blueberries (39), 1.5 pints of milk (555), whey (95), creatine

Total = 3,732

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Food Log (kcals):

  • pint of tea (100), glass of milk (147), 2 banannas (210)
  • Spaghetti bolognaise w/ carrot, courgettes, peppers, cheese, sweet basil (1324)
  • glass of OJ (110), glass of milk (147)
  • Spagehetti Bolognese… again (1324), glass of OJ (110)
  • River cobbler (225), w/ lettice and watercress (10) and 2 slices of toast (176) and mayonnaise (57)
  • 1 banana (105), blueberries (39), 1 pints of milk (147), whey (95), creatine

Total = 4,326

Feeling very full indeed. I looked up the strength standards on a Rippetoe poster today, so I guess they are going to be my short term goals:

At BW of 148 a novice should:
Squat 188, Deadlift 234, Press 94.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Food Log (kcals):

  • Scots oats (150), milk (147), brown sugar (22), sultanas (160), cinnamon
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (1000), 1 slice of toast (88), river cobbler (225), glass of OJ (110)
  • 1apple (77), 1 bananna (105), 1 glass of milk (100)
  • 1.5 pints of milk (221), 1 bananna (105), blueberries (39), whey (95), creatine
  • small spag. Bol (500), 3 cumberland sausages (383), 2 slices of toast (176), 2 eggs (184)
  • glass of OJ (110)

Total = 3,997

Workout Log:
45lb: 5-5
55lb: 5-5
66lb: 5
88lb: 5
110lb: 5-5-10

45lb: 5-5
55lb: 5
66lb: 5-5-5

132lb: 5-5
154lb: 5