Fortesta Testosterone Gel HELP!

I have been taking Fortesta Testosterone gel for about 8 months straight. What negative things am I causing my body? I started out great looked awesome for about 6 months and had amazing gains. I was also on an incredible diet very strict and worked out like crazy.

Now my diet is still ok but defiantly not as strict and as far as working out I stopped cross-fitting and lifting as much because I have been traveling a lot for work. I have started to feel a lot more tired once I get into the gym. The whole reason I started taking it was because my doctor said my free test was a bit low and he told me to just continue taking it. I am wondering if my body has just become almost immune? Or the Fortesta is tacking over my natural production of test.

What should I do? Any info or any ideas on how to get back on track and get the body I had about 4 months ago? I though about taking natural testosterone boosters but I dont know if I should stop the Fortesta cold turkey in the mean time? Any advice or info would help…Basically I just want to know how the hell I should be taking this to get the best results possible I take Wellbutrin as well for anti anxiety medication so I need to know other things I can take that will boost my test and the cycles that need to be done. I feel like all the progress is going away because my body is dependent on it know. Just dont know what to do.

Anything helps Thanks again