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Forskolin and Greens


Is forskolin effective for weight loss and energy seems i have to go to bathroom shortly 2,3 hour after dose. Also drinking kale based super food premade smoothie. Any other ideas ive went from 304 to 288 in two months with diet changes started the forskolin and smoothies two weeks ago.


Am I the only one who can’t read this without thinking foreskin?


if you need to hit the bathroom 2 hours after drinking it I think it’s fair to say there’s some kind of absorption issue. I’d drop it.


Yeah it comes from the foreskin of the almost extinct albino tiger, they have to kill 2 for a month supply, fuck tigers they eat you the minute you take your eyes off them.


I think the forskolin has a very slight stimulus effect as i sweat i little also. It was recommended by t nation weekly.